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Mark Quiles is an actor and artist, based in New York City, NY.

Mark is currently performing as Amir in Thomas Block's new and provocative play "Oud Player on the Tel".  During our recent SAG-AFTRA strike, in addition to picketing, Mark performed in two productions at the VetRep Theatre: Dr. Rance in the fast paced farce "What the Butler Saw" and Howard in Woody Allen's "Central Park West".  Just prior to the strike, Mark booked a co-star in Apple TV's new series WeCrashed (2022) booked potentially recurring co-star role of the Secretary of Beth Midrash in Vid-Angel Studios' TV Series The Chosen.  He also booked the role of an uncaring Priest in Tiger Ji's haunting and award-winning film Wuhan Driver (2021), produced by Oscar and Award-winning producer Jonathan Sanger. 

Mark has also booked the lead role of Allen in Hide and Seek (2022) where he helps his brother Travis (played by award-winning actor Eric Roberts) fulfill his dying wish and return to the place where he met his dead wife for the first time, two old brothers set out on a bucket list road trip.   In another poignant film Nothing, Except Everything (2022), Mark has played the role of concerned, yet caring Dad to angst driven teenager Miles (played by David Mazouz from Fox's Gotham).  

Expert at dialects, Mark booked the recurring role of Tamas a Romanian Restauranteur/ Former Crime Boss in FineLight Films new TV Series: ÉMIGRÉ Joining esteemed actor Chuku Modu (from CBS’s The Good Doctor and CW’s The 100), ÉMIGRÉ will be released late 2023.  

Classically trained, Mark booked the role of Flavius in Shakespeare at Home Radio production of Julius Caesar, staring Broadway's Patrick Page (Caesar), Jordan Barbour (Brutus), Keith Hamilton Cobb (Casius) and London's Jamie Bellard (Mark Antony).  He also booked the multi-track role of Lord Willoughby, Abbott of Westminster and the Keeper in the Radio Drama of Shakespeare's Richard II with Jamie Bellard as Richard. 

If you are looking for your “Kindhearted Dad” type who you feel you can talk to or the “Broken Down Man” type “who is doing his best in the world. Lawyer, teacher, recovering alcoholic perhaps - capable but beaten down by life’s challenges” in contemporary or period pieces, then, look no further!
In addition to acting, Mark is an accomplished scenic designer, educator, and youth mentor.  A lover of languages and dialects, Mark is fluent in Spanish and is currently learning Italian. He enjoys oil painting, creating culinary masterpieces, furniture making and loves to travel whenever he has the chance.
Lots of new and exciting projects will be posted on this website. Check out his IMDb Page to see what projects he’s been working on recently. Or, Like Mark’s Facebook page and Follow him on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the latest buzz!
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